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David McDonald
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Welcome to the world of Plastic Robot, who reluctantly defends the city of Pluto's Bucket List, between watching T.V. and playing video games from baddies likes of the evil genius of Th' Evil Dr. Larry, the over powered Huge and an array of other comical villains and mishaps with the help of sidekick and pal Double A, the battery.

Hello I'm David McDonald the creator of Plastic Robot, an all age comic with Saturday morning antics and banter, all wrapped up in a Sunday Funnies format. Thanks for reading my comic and come back again.


Locked And Loaded by PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMIC
Locked And Loaded
Having being defeated once by the tyranical titan known as Huge, Captain Duke  and the city's swat team have come prepared for their overpowered foe. But will bravado and sheer fire power alone be enough to stop the almighty Huge?

Find out in the further adventures of Plastic Robot every Saturday morning.

Last week's episode...Plastic's Dilema
Plastic's  Dilema by PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMIC
Plastic's Dilema
First Plastic Robot was trying to get Allison, his creator out of his apartment  and NOW Huge an extra-dimensional overlord that he defeated months ago has come back to Pluto's Bucket List for revenge. And all Plastic really wants to do is just watch tv. What's a hero to do?

Find out next week in the  further adventures of  Plastic Robot every Saturday.

Last week episode...OH NO HE DIN'T!!!
After being defeated months ago by our hero Plastic Robot, the villainous extra-dimensional overlord known as Huge returns seeking revenge. But things don't always go as planned, falling to Earth and creating a sonic boom that rocked the city of Pluto's Bucket List, the mighty have fallen and fallen hard.

And if things couldn't get any worse for the conqueror of worlds he is greeted by the city's finest, who he defeated when he first attempted to conquer the Earth. However this time around it seems they came more prepared to handle this over powered foe. Will they succeed in capturing this mighty foe or will they be trounced again by the might of Huge? And where is our hero Plastic Robot?

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Plastic Robot every Saturday.

Last week's episode ... Heavy Situation
Heavy Situation by PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMIC
Heavy Situation
As if Plastic Robot's  problem weren't enough with the sonic boom that shook the city and being buried under all Allison's heavy luggage. Now our hero is alerted of the arrival of the tyrannical titan know as HUGE!

Stay tuned to the further adventures of Plastic Robot every Saturday morning.

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