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David McDonald
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Welcome to the world of Plastic Robot, who reluctantly defends the city of Pluto's Bucket List, between watching T.V. and playing video games from baddies likes of the evil genius of Th' Evil Dr. Larry, the over powered Huge and an array of other comical villains and mishaps with the help of sidekick and pal Double A, the battery.

Hello I'm David McDonald the creator of Plastic Robot, an all age comic with Saturday morning antics and banter, all wrapped up in a Sunday Funnies format. Thanks for reading my comic and come back again.


It's That Time Again by PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMIC
It's That Time Again
Welcome true believers as the new chapter of the adventures of Plastic Robot unfolds with the return of the mighty Huge and cohort, Fasaad. After being defeated months ago, the extra-dimensional overlord Huge has plotted his revenge on the pint sized hero for defeating him and for the ruination of his conquest of Earth. Will Huge suceed this time or will Plastic Robot thwart his evil plan yet again?

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Plastic Robot every Saturday morning.

*Watch What You Say by PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMIC
Plastic Robot And ...Uh Friends by PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMIC
Plastic Robot And ...Uh Friends
Hey everybody! Once again it looks like Plastic Robot is in it deep again, with his pal Double A right by his side. Is this the end of our hero?! No way!! However this is will be the last post featuring Plastic Robot and...uh friends for this year. But hold fast true believers starting January 24 there will be new adventures with Plastic Robot, as he faces the return of the Almighty Huge. Also in the coming year there will be new foes and some old ones coming back to once again plague the fair city of Pluto's Bucket List and interrupt Plastic's quality tv time.

Thanks everybody for reading Plastic Robot comics and I look forward to entertaining you guys again next year with new adventures of Plastic Robot!! Merry Christmas everybody!!
Plastic Robot Issue  #4 by PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMIC
Plastic Robot Issue #4
This story arc brings Allison the creator of Plastic Robot in the mix. Allison was first drawn in the original Plastic Robot comics from 2012. When I decided to revamp the comic in 2013, I wanted to try a new twist on the comic and  omit Allison from the story line.  But in this story arc I brought back Allison as  well Th' Evil Dr. Larry's robot minion just for old times.

I hope you guys enjoy and I'll see you next Saturday.
Plastic Robot # 3 by PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMIC
Plastic Robot # 3
This story arc was really fun to draw. Not just in the creating Master Toe-Ring and The 1001 Ninja Clan, because I like drawing ninjas, but in the way the story itself flowed. First showing the characters from the video game, setting up the stage for revenge, and mystery with our hero traveling to "The Dark Dojo" to confront the nefarious Master Toe-Ring and The 1001 Ninja Clan and then having honor take a hike, as the evil ninja master cheats just to gain victory. In future stories I'm going to try to follow more in this flow of  story telling. It does build up a sort of suspense to the story.

In fact I had a different ending for the story, where Master Toe-Ring was about to deliver the coup de grace, when his battery dies in his controller giving Plastic the oppurtunity to show his true gaming skills and own the evil ninja master. But that would mean that Plastic and Double A actually would have to go toe to toe with ninjas, after Master Toe-Ring's shameful defeat. The 1001 Ninja Clan will definitely be back, after Master Toe-Ring recovers from the beat down he took from Mistress Toe-Ring for dishonoring the clan.

Thanks again for reading Plastic Robot. See ya next Saturday.
Plastic Robot Issue #2 Cover by PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMIC
Plastic Robot Issue #2 Cover
This cover introduces the almighty Huge and his minion Fasaad which were featured in Plastic Robot's second story arc. Huge is an awesome character. He is to me is like Darkseid, Vilgax and all those other over powered cosmic villains that show up to either conquer Earth or better yet the galaxy. Every hero needs one of them in their rogue's gallery. When I first introduced Huge in


he came to Earth on his own, Fasaad remained behind and the people of the city never saw him. This time in the revamp I wanted to show the might of Huge not only in his stature, but in his demeanor as well as his strength ,which was displayed when he dealt with the swat team.


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